Valentine's Day Stash Jar Set- Set of 2 8oz Diamond Re:stash Jars

Perfect Valentine's Day gift for stoners! Show your love this Valentine's Day with a set of Re:stash jars for your partner and you.

Re:stash is the world's first reusable child resistant container. We created the first child proof lid specifically designed for the mason jar. It allows you to store your stash safely away from children. 

Each Set Includes 2 Re:stash Jars:
(2) 8oz slicone sleeves (pink or black)
(2) regular mouth child proof lids (white)
(2) 8oz mason jars

Our lids are made from FDA Polypropylene that is 30% re-purposed flax fiber (The waste fibers are otherwise burned plowed under the ground).

Frequently Bought Together

Re:fine your Re:stash jar into the ultimate ready-to-go jar with our newest product, the Re:vider! It allows you to separate your jar into two compartments. It also has a clip in the middle, which is perfect for holding your rolling papers or humidity control packs.


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