8oz Successful Stoner Re:stash Jar

This jar is for the successful stoner!

Introducing our Successful Stoner collaboration with Leaff Shop.  Here at Re:stash we are proud to be Successful Stoners- we are professionals working together to destroy the negative stigma around this budding industry.   

As always, these jars are a plastic-free, airtight and child-safe storage solution. Keep your greens protected from the elements and make a statement while you're at it.  Available in black or white. Pro tip: use the colors to differentiate your strains.

We created the world's first silicone koozie for the 8oz mason jar and paired it with our revolutionary eco-fiber child resistant lid to create the perfect reusable stash jar. The koozie fits like a tailored glove and is made from 100% silicone. Our lids are made in America from FDA Polypropylene that is 30% re:purposed farm waste and hemp fibers, allowing you to store your stash safely away from children as well as sunlight.

Re:stash Includes:
(1) 8oz silicone koozie (White or Black)
(1) regular mouth child proof lid (White or Black)
(1) 8oz mason jar 


Frequently Bought Together

Re:fine your Re:stash jar into the ultimate ready-to-go jar with our newest product, the Re:vider! It allows you to separate your jar into two compartments. It also has a clip in the middle, which is perfect for holding your rolling papers or humidity control packs.

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