8oz Pink Dolphin "Waves Puff" Re:Stash (+Re:vider & Boveda)

We partnered with Pink Dolphin to bring you this limited edition Re:stash jar. Pink Dolphin is a clothing line that embodies exclusivity. The founders' vision was to create a clothing line where every piece was limited to keep from saturation on the streets. This jar features their Waves Logo, a fusion of color, purity and freshness. The three waves from top to bottom represent chaos, alertness and calmness. The dolphins leaping outward display rarity, intelligence and "sky's the limit."

Check out Pink Dolphin's Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

This is a very limited run, so get yours while you can! Any stores interested in wholesale, contact adrian@mason-re.com.

We created the world's first silicone koozie for the 8oz mason jar and paired it with an eco fiber child resistant lid to make the perfect reusable stash jar. The koozie fits like a tailored glove and is made from 100% silicone. Our lids are made in America from FDA Polypropylene that is 30% re:purposed farm waste and hemp fibers, allowing you to store your stash safely away from children as well as sunlight.

We're also including a Re:vider in each of these jars! Our newest product line is also made from eco-friendly materials and allows you to separate your jar into two compartments. It has a clip in it to hold your Boveda humidity control pack (which is also included)!

Re:stash Includes:
(1) 8oz Pink Dolphin silicone koozie
(1) regular mouth child proof lid (white)
(1) Re:vider (white)
(1) 8oz mason jar
(1) Boveda humidity control pack (62%)


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