Let's Take a Trip 8oz Re:Stash Storage Jar

Let's Take A Trip -  Magic Mushroom Stash Jars!

Introducing our first Mushroom Art collaboration. If you are looking for a Proper Child Resistant Storage Container for your dried mushroom or herbs, Re:Stash is a great option. In order to increase life and potency of your dried mushrooms it's important to store them in a light proof, air proof, temperature stable glass container, making the Re:Stash jar the perfect solution. The 2023 Pyscon trade show voted Re:Stash as the best storage option for mushrooms!

We created and patented the world's first silicone koozie for mason jars and paired it with our revolutionary eco-fiber child resistant lid to create the perfect reusable stash jar. The koozie fits like a tailored glove and is made from 100% silicone. Our lids are made in America, BPA free and created with 30% re:purposed flax fibers that would have otherwise been tilled and burnt into our atmosphere. Silicone sleeves are sourced of 99% silica which is one of the most abundant resource we have on our planet. Hand printed in America with ink that is made to last forever. 

Re:stash Includes:
(1) 8oz silicone koozie (red)
(1) regular mouth child proof lid (White or Black)
(1) 8oz mason jar 

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Re:fine your Re:stash jar into the ultimate ready-to-go jar with our newest product, the Re:vider! It allows you to separate your jar into two compartments. It also has a clip in the middle, which is perfect for holding your rolling papers or humidity control packs.

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