16oz Curidor Re:Stash W/ Gold Sharpie

We're honored to have our collab with Curidor named as Leafly's 2018 Best Harvest Stash Jar!

"Re:stash jars were already hot before Curidor got involved. What sets this one apart from the 2018 wave of Re:stash collaborations is an interactive design."

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We teamed up with Curidor to bring you this limited edition Re:stash jar. Curidor creates curing systems for connoisseurs, dispensaries, distributors, manufacturers, and cultivators of medicinal herbs and concentrates. Whether you are home grower storing your annual harvest, or a business storing thousands of pounds of inventory, Curidor is the no-worry solution for keeping your products fresh. This design allows users to catalogue their collection by labeling individual jars. Fill in the “Varietal, Grown by, Date, and Notes” with a Sharpie and easily wash off with water or rubbing alcohol.

Check out their Instagram: @curidor

This is a very limited run, so get yours while you can! Stores interested in wholesale, contact adrian@mason-re.com.

We created the world's first silicone koozie for the 16oz mason jar and paired it with an eco fiber child resistant lid to make the perfect reusable stash jar. The koozie fits like a tailored glove and is made from 100% silicone. Our lids are made in America from FDA Polypropylene that is 30% re:purposed farm waste and hemp fibers, allowing you to store your stash safely away from children as well as sunlight.

Re:stash Includes:
(1) 16oz Curidor silicone koozie
(1) wide mouth child proof lid (black)
(1) 16oz mason jar

(1) Gold Sharpie

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