8oz Boveda Re:stash Jar

When Mason-re engineered the Re:vider, we created a sleek S shape design with a clip in the middle to hold a humidity pack to keep your buds even Fresher! So it only made sense to team up with Boveda because they provide the cleanest and most effective humidity pack on the market!  

WHY DO WE CARE ABOUT HUMIDITY? Humidity is important for curing and storing your flower to ensure it does not get too dry or too wet.  For storing, you can ensure the humidity level stays perfect. It can also rescue flower that is too dry by raising the moisture level in your jar.  For the curing process, you don't need to burp your jar as much, if at all, making life easier and less stressful.   

When Dry: when herb dries, it looses potency, weight, and its fresh smell.  

When WET: When the humidity is too high, the flower can absorb the moisture in the air like a sponge creating the perfect environment for mold spores that can create a mildew smell. 

The Mason-re silicone koozie helps insulate and protect the contents from hot and cold temperature fluctuations. Hot temperatures tend to dry out the buds quicker and temperature swings cause the jar to sweat. When the jar sweats, the moisture and humidity get too high. This is important to note because now your Boveda humidity pack will have a longer life because it does not need to work as hard!  

Re:stash Includes: 
(1) 8oz Boveda black silicone koozie 
(1) regular mouth child proof lid (black)
(1) 8oz mason jar
(1) Re:vider 
(1) Boveda humidity control pack

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