12oz Mason-re Evergreen To-Go Cup

Inspired by the power to help Save the Tree's, this 12 oz drop proof drinkware solution is perfect for on the go beverages. Now you can be a part of the solution to eliminate one time use paper cups, the next time you step out for a coffee on the go bring your RE:UP CUP in to be refilled. Respect your power as a consumer and Save the Tree's with the MASON-RE:UP CUP Evergreen edition,

We're excited to introduce our partnership with Cuppow, and to bring you the ultimate to-go drinking vessel. This 12oz Mason-re container is the perfect size for a cup of coffee or a cold beverage! Plus the slim size means it will fit nicely in car cup holders. 

Cuppow products are made right here in America! These drinking lids for Mason jars are BPS and BPA-free.

Our BPA-free silicone koozies fit like a tailored glove and are made from 100% silicone. The koozie insulates hot and cold and is microwave and dishwasher safe.

This jar features the special edition Evergreen design. 
The Ultimate To-Go Jar Includes:
(1) silicone koozie 12oz 
(1) mason jar 12oz
(1) wide mouth Cuppow drinking lid (clear)
(1) wide mouth metal band

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