The Coolector: Mason-Ry Silicone Koozie July 29 2014, 0 Comments

Mason jars are, I think we can all agree, pretty awesome receptacles for drinking more or less any type of beverage but, if you’re like us here at Coolector HQ, then chances are it will be one of either a] coffee or b] craft ale. Well, mason jars are about to get a good deal more excellent courtesy of this top notch looking accessory that goes by the name of Mason-Ry Silicone Koozie by Oregon based designer, Eric Harvey.

Mason-Ry Silicone Koozies have been designed from the ground up with a wide mouth mason jar in mind so whether you’re using it for your coffee on the morning commute or knocking back the brewskies in the evening, it won’t let you down and keep them well insulated throughout. It is the visual appeal of the Mason-Ry that immediately stands out and the fact it is crafted from premium eco-conscious silicone means that it fits well in the hand and is a robust offering that will stand up to the rigours of daily use. Check out some awesome shots of the Mason-Ry Koozie below:

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We’re often drinking on the go at The Coolector and have been on the lookout for a cool carry to port our sometimes coffee / sometimes booze (sometimes both) around in and I think we’ve found exactly what we’ve been looking for with this cracking Mason-Ry Silicone Koozie which is currently drumming up support over on Kickstarter so you can grab one for a bargain price before they come to market.