5 Fab Ways to Make “Home for the Holidays” More Satisfying December 08 2020, 0 Comments

5 Fab Ways to Make “Home for the Holidays” More Satisfying

Home for the Holidays With Mason Jars:

mason re jars and stash jar photo by alison blackman for advicesisters family home story holiday 2020  koozie $16.00 reseatsh

I’ve won many blue ribbons for my home-made jams and jellies in local and state fairs. They’re always canned in Mason jars. I have a big collection of these jars.

But did you know they’re useful for other things?  I’ve made bathroom accessories and vases and more. Now, I can also use them for drinks and storage thanks to Mason-re’s stash jars and clever 100% silicone koozies.

The small re:stash jar comes in many colors with an eco fiber child-resistant lid to keep the kids (and others) out of your (legal) well… whatever you want to keep from prying eyes and hands and noses. The koozie (also comes in tons of colors) makes a cute party accessory or a way to extend your drinking glass collection (great for outdoors).  You can drink hot or cold beverages from a mason jar with these silicone koozies. 

They also make colorful storage jars.  Our 4 oz.. re:stash jar is $16+  A 16oz. koozie Christmas set (red and green) is $19. Jars are not included.  Other sizes, colors and groupings are available at  www.mason-re.com.

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