Passage to Profit: Interview with Nicole September 22 2020, 0 Comments

One of our founders, Nicole Harvey was recently interviewed on the Passage to Profit podcast. 

You can listen to it on YouTube above, on iHeart, or wherever you get your podcasts- Spotify, Apple Podcasts, TuneIn, Podchaser, or Stitcher (just search Passage to Profit). 

We encourage you to listen to the whole episode because it's great, or you can listen to Nicole's segment starting at 40:51.

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🎙HERE'S A SNEAK PREVIEW OF THE COMPANIES AND INVENTIONS FEATURED ON TONIGHT'S #PassagetoProfit SHOW! 🤩 Tune into @iheartradio and @wor710, TONIGHT SUNDAY, September 20th at 11 pm EDT or listen via this link: 👈 ✨Guest: Joni Rogers-Kante from @senegenceinternational ✨Executive Spotlight: Larry Prince from #PrinceLeadership ✨Entrepreneur Presenter: Lisa Guenst from @toothshower ✨Entrepreneur Presenter: Nicole Harvey from @masonreproducts #richardgearhart #elizabethgearhart #inventor #invention #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship #startup #iheart #wor710 #theinventorsshow #jonirogerskante #senegence #larryprince #princeleadership #lisaguenst #toothshower #nicoleharvey #masronre

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🤩 GET SOME HIGH-LEVEL ADVICE FOR BUSINESS SUCCESS FROM JONI ROGERS-KANTE, FOUNDER OF @senegenceinternational! 🎙On this Sunday's #PassagetoProfit show, Joni offers many insights and tells the story of how she built a hugely successful international multi-level marketing company out of her passion for cosmetics and skincare. Joining Joni is Larry Prince, a business consultant and CEO for Prince Leadership, helping small and middle market companies grow revenue, lead stronger teams and run smoothly even through times of change and uncertainty. 🤩 The incredible entrepreneur presenters joining are Lisa Guenst from @toothshower, offering a complete oral home care suite for the shower for flossing and preventing gum disease. Nicole Harvey from @masonreproducts, a company that invented the first silicone koozie to perfectly fit a wide mouth pint jar - the best way to insulate a hot or cold beverage! Tune in THIS SUNDAY, September 20th at 11 pm EDT on @iheartradio or @wor710 or listen via this link: 👈 #richardgearhart #elizabethgearhart #inventor #invention #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship #startup #iheart #wor710 #theinventorsshow #jonirogerskante #senegence #larryprince #princeleadership #lisaguenst #toothshower #nicoleharvey #masronre

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Check out the other guests on the podcast:

Joni Rogers-Kante is the founder and CEO of SeneGence International, a privately owned American multi-level marketing company that sells skincare and makeup products, including the LipSense product line internationally. Joni’s dream, of developing a company that offered an unparalleled opportunity for Distributors to build a business by selling products that truly work, through a global network opportunity, has become a phenomenal success. Read more at:

Larry Prince is the CEO of Prince Leadership, a business consultancy that works with small and middle market companies to grow revenue, strengthen, lead people and advance financial management. As a trusted advisor, he applies creative ways to help teams solve critical business problems, make tough decisions and lead through change. Read more at:

Lisa Guenst is the inventor of Toothshower a complete oral home care suite for the shower, offering a new interdental cleaner to help combat gum disease. New irrigating toothbrushes, gum massager and water pick, at