Cold Brew Coffee September 06 2017, 0 Comments

Down in hot and humid New Orleans, cold brew coffee is brilliant. It's SUPER easy to make at home the night before and grab and go on your way out the door. AND it's waste free because the filter is reusable. Here's what I do:



  1.  Fit the filter over the lip of a wide mouth canning jar. 
  2. Grind your beans medium/course if needed.
  3. Put your desired amount of coffee into the filter. A good rule of thumb is 3/4 cup ground coffee to every 4 cups of water. So, if you are using a 16oz mason jar, this would be 3/8 cup of coffee.
  4. Wet the dry coffee thoroughly and let sit for about 30 seconds. This helps avoid dry pockets which lead to a weak brew. 
  5. Fill the rest of the jar with cold filtered water.
  6. Close the filter and tie the string around the top of the filter to make sure it is fully closed. 
  7. Place the jar in the fridge for 6-12 hours (I leave it overnight). 
  8. After brewing, carefully take the filter out and discard the coffee grounds (you can compost these) and then thoroughly wash the filter.
  9. You can store the cold brewed coffee in the fridge up to a week. When you're ready to drink it, add cream/sugar to your liking (I add almond milk) and enjoy :)