White Christmas Cocktail December 22 2020, 0 Comments

'This the season! If you're looking for a cocktail to serve after your Christmas dinner at home this year... this is your drink! It's a delicious dessert in a mason jar and it's so easy to make. 🎄🎁

Prep time: 5 mins 
Yield: 2
Serving Size: 1 8oz mason jar


  • 3 oz Kahlúa 
  • 3 oz Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur 
  • 3 candy canes 
  • Ice 


  1. Use a cheese cloth and a roller to crush a candy cane into powder for the rim of the mason jar.
  2. Place the candy cane powder on a small plate and pour some of the white chocolate liqueur onto another small plate.
  3. Rim the 8oz mason jars by dipping into the liqueur first and then the crushed candy cane (do this quickly because the candy cane powder gets sticky quickly and then it won't stick properly to the rim). 
  4. Pour 1.5 oz of the Kahlúa and 1.5 oz of the white chocolate liqueur into each 8oz mason jar. 
  5. Fill the rest of the jar with ice and stir. 
  6. Garnish with a candy cane and enjoy!