Make the Most out of your Harvest Season with the USA Made Ball® Canning Solution September 18 2023, 0 Comments

How to Buy Discounted Mason Jar Rings for Canning

Embracing the end of summer and welcoming the fall harvest means preparing for canning and preserving for a lot of farmers, gardeners and hobbyists. Canning takes place throughout the year depending on what you are canning, but mid-September through October is considered peak Canning Season. 

A Brief History of Canning

Nicolas Appert, a French chef and confectioner, is credited with inventing canning. He developed the canning process in the late 18th century by using glass jars and airtight seals to preserve food.

Ball® Corporation, founded by the Ball brothers (Edmund, Frank, George, Lucius, and William) in the late 19th century initially started as a manufacturer of wooden-jacketed tin cans for the food industry. In 1883, the Ball brothers invented a metal canning lid with a sealing gasket, which made the canning process more reliable and efficient. This innovation greatly improved the preservation of food in cans.

Ball® Corporation's largest contribution to home canning was the development of the Ball® Mason Jar, which became widely popular for home canning and food preservation. These glass jars, introduced in 1884, featured a screw-on metal lid with a rubber seal, allowing people to preserve fruits, vegetables, and other foods at home safely and effectively. The Ball® Mason Jar revolutionized home canning and contributed to the widespread adoption of canning as a method for food preservation.

In 2017, Ball® further enhanced the canning experience with the revolutionary SureTight Seal Guarantee. This USA made; BPA-free solution represented the most significant improvement in home canning lids in over 30 years. With the introduction of the SureTight Seal, the ability for everyday households to preserve food and elixirs saw a significant increase in shelf life, extending freshness from 12 months to 18 months. The Ball® Mason Jar storage solution is a three-piece culinary enhancement, starting with a USA made premium glass jar, coupled with a tin-plated steel band, and secured with an airtight, non-toxic, plastisol disc gasket that creates a vacuum seal. 

Our Contribution to Home Canning

Canning patrons may see rust or denting occur from season-to-season, so having replacement mason jar bands on hand is a must. These bands can be hard to find separately and expensive at stores. The good news is that you have options! 
The Oregon based sustainability company Mason-re, created and patented the world's first Child Resistant Mason Jar seal, the Re:stash lid. Exclusively made to enhance your mason jar lifestyle, the sustainably sourced Re:stash lid is paired with the Ball® SureTight disk to offer superior preservation and life proof longevity. The innovative entrepreneurs at Mason-re also introduced the world's first drop proof silicone mason jar koozies tailor fit to protect and promote the longevity of your canning jars.
The team at Mason-re believes that consumers should have the option to reduce waste by reusing everyday items such as drinking cups and food storage solutions, before choosing to recycle damaged goods. The Ball® Mason Jar regular and wide mouth rings become a bi product of our Re:stash jar. Mason-re believes in reusing before recycling, so instead of disposing of the excess rings they sell them back to the public at a discounted price.
Staying true to their mission of 'REDUCE REUSE and then RECYCLE', you can find these Ball® Mason Jar regular and wide mouth rings available for bulk wholesale prices in box quantities of 50, 200, 400, and 600 or at a discounted single item price at There is always a big rush this time of year so we recommend securing your box of bands to have on hand throughout the season.
If you own a business and would like to enquire about consistent wholesale quantities of Ball® Mason Jar Rings, reach out to

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