Mason Jar Party Favors for Glam Safari Baby Shower January 25 2018, 0 Comments

I recently co-hosted a baby shower for my cousin and since I love a good craft project, I was in charge of decorations. I have a lot of mason jars laying around, so I decided to repurpose them into decorations. You can make DIY party favors out of 4oz mason jars with these easy steps.

Step 1: Gather materials

  • 4oz mason jars
  • Hemp twine
  • Glue (I love E600)
  • Scissors
  • Gold spray paint
  • Gold pen
  • Small safari animals
  • Small tags
  • Candy

Step 1: Glue the mason jar lids to the bands

E600 is my favorite craft glue because it is so strong, but it takes about 24 hours to set fully, so keep that in mind. Put a few drops of glue around the bands and then place the lids inside. 

Step 2: Write on the tags

Use the gold pen to write 'Thank you' on the tags. I had these tags in my craft bin, but could easily make your own using white card stock and a hole punch.

Step 3: Tie the tags on the jars

Cut the hemp twine into about 1.5 feet strands. String through the tags and wrap around the jars so the tag is in the middle. Tie a bow in the back of the jar. I placed a dab of glue in the front and back of the jar to hold the tag and bow in place. 

Step 4: Glue the animals on the lids

Once the glue is dry enough on the lids and bands, glue 1 safari animal to the top center of each lid. 

Step 5: Spray paint the lids

Once the glue is dry enough from step 4, spray paint the lids with the gold spray paint. 

Step 6: Assemble

Fill each jar with a candy of your choosing (my cousin is having a boy, so I used blue and gold kisses) and screw on the gold lids. 

The party favors are also a great decoration to place around the party, before handing to guests as they leave.

Lagniappe: elephant straws & mason jar straw holders

A few other quick craft projects: I dressed up these paper straws by using an elephant hole punch, gold card stock and a dab of hot glue. I made the straw holder using an 8oz mason jar, hemp twine, a giraffe die-cut and some hot glue.

Or, if you prefer to save time and buy them, they're for sale here

Here are some other photos from the shower. :) 

You can get the gold animals in the centerpieces here